The Edible Schoolyard

Imagine a public school where the kids are growing the food for the cafeteria! Along comes an idea well worth the effort. The Edible Schoolyard is a one-acre garden and kitchen classroom at Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School in Berkeley, California. It is a program of the Chez Panisse Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by chef and author Alice Waters.
The kids grow and learn to make culinary delights using the harvest from the garden.

Students who participate in the Edible Schoolyard program learn about the connection between their everyday food choices and the health of the community, the environment, and themselves. These lessons foster sound nutritional practice, responsible food choices, and environmental stewardship.
Cafeteria food that is tasty and natural?? What an idea!

Take a tour of the garden yourself here!


  1. We used the Edible Schoolyard as a model for one of our summer programs at the inner-city alternative school I used to teach at. It was so cool to see hardened "gangstas" digging in the dirt and eating the fruits of their labor!

  2. Brilliant...would love to see a vegie garden in every school!!

  3. I love this and have heard that this is starting to spread around! Hope it inspires more schools!


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