Pretend Shaving

Standing in line, Max got very squirmy. Impulse took over and I handed him my iphone. Max (aka the engineer ) figured out how to get free apps into my phone. I don't know how to get them and have only 3. That's only because some kind stranger took pitty on my pathetic, empty looking phone and suggested I needed a flashlight, a lightsaber, and a game called Aurora Feint. I now, thanks to my 8 year old, have another very useful one called Panasonic Beard Buster - I can't provide the link because again, I don't know where to find it. Google would probably lend a hand. I say it's useful because a) it entertained the child and b) in case you were wondering about facial hair possibilities, there's an app for that. And now I present the family portrait...
  Lala sporting the "Van Dyke"
Mr. Lala sporting the "Handlebar"

Max sporting the "Fu Manchu"

Fell sporting the "Van Dyke"

Mirabella sporting the "Handlebar"
Tangerine sporting the "Soul Patch"


  1. i definitely think the chickens should grow mustaches.

  2. Um is it possible for Max to grow a real mustache exactly like that one? Because it is so perfect I just can't stand him to not.

  3. Those pictures are really funny :) The things an 8 year old can come up with! On another note, I absolutely LOVE your noonies. I am actually going to purchase one next week when I get me "baby fund" for the week replenished haha. Have a great week!

  4. Hee hee... too cute! Love how you added them to the chickens as well. ;)

  5. that was worth a few straight-faced chuckles. Lala looks the best. Hands down.


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