Ceiling Art?

Having a kid around is a constant reminder to always think outside the box. They are like little humans running around looking at the world with totally different eyes. It must feel like a constant trip on LSD. Everything is just sooo cool and sooo possible. 
So it didn't surprise me when I was looking at a site featuring Ji Lee's ceiling installations, when my 9 year old, Fellissimo, walks by and casually says, "I was thinking that too" and walks away.  
No explanation. Nothing else. 

So I thought to myself, wow- that little mind is so uncluttered with useless can't dos - that he still has the ability to think about setting up furniture scenarios on the ceiling. 


  1. Fell is a clever fellow.

  2. oh that is so cute and whimsical! i like the little living room set up... very cute.

  3. genius!
    i'm often surprised by what my sons come out with too, i go along thinking they have conventional understanding of things then out comes a piece of completely original thinking!!


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