Puff and Flock

I came across this design company recently, Puff and Flock. Who are they?  A recently formed group of textile designers, bound by a shared vision for the future direction of design. What do they create? Well, how about balloon furniture to start.

How many balloons does it take to support your bum?
Or how about a Solar Sanctuary that is a shade structure which mimics the lovely scene of a sun-dappled tree canopy.

Even better yet- Spiky - the shower curtain that is a green warrior.

Spiky gives you 4 minutes under the water before its inflating spikes push you out of the shower. You can’t stand in the shower anymore because the spikes take all the available space. You have to get out and stop using too much water. These curtains are not really for marketing but aim at provoking a debate around water issues.

 Makes you wonder what kind of chit chat happens around the water cooler at that office.


  1. That shower scene was too funny!!!!

  2. haaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaa this is the best spikey shower, 4 minutes? thatll get them outta there and make for more time for you to have time getting ready

  3. That is too awesome!! Haha! Love it! I found you through Mom Loop Follow Friday!! I am your newest follower:)

    Hope you come by and say hello at Milk and Cuddles!

  4. Where do you find these? I totally love it!!!


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