Tie-dyed eggs with Robert Mahar

I obviously have chicken on the brain but how fun would this be to learn!
 I would love to take this class with Robert Mahar
 Join your instructor, Easter egg emissary Robert Mahar of MaharDrygoods.com, and learn an impressive d
You learn how to transfer patterns from recycled vintage ties directly onto eggs.
I have some Pucci ties that would be fabulous for this. Now I just have to go back to Cali, Cali, Cali for the class. Although, I did send an eager beaver email pleading for an online tutorial. 


  1. those eggs are too cute! ...and can i say how adorable your Noonies are?! how often do you get down to costa rica?

  2. I try to get down to Costa Rica 2-3 times a year Nikki. Thanks for the kind words about the noonies:)

  3. I just bought an on line kit for this from etsy! Can't wait to do it!!!



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