Food On a Stick

We at the Lala family enjoy many a wacky thing, one of which being food on a stick. Something about holding a piece of wooded goodness in your hand that brings on all sorts of childhood memories. Sitting in front of the campfire roasting hotdogs and marshmallows. The smell of smoke and cut grass and sweaty Paulie Smitty sitting next to you. Ahh, heaven.  As a mother of two, I have had the pleasure of passing on the same stick fascination to my boys. We discuss food-on-stick possibilities on the way to school mostly. The favorite being their future "Sticky Buns" kiosk selling donuts and cinnamon buns on a stick. Move over Cinnabuns.   While perusing the internet, I found that we're not the only ones attracted by stick food phenomenon. Check these beauties out. I only wish I had come up with them. 

Which reminds me, if you are ever in a pinch here's how you can cook an egg on a stick...

I just thought this was cute.

I love this company's motto... 
"Because all food tastes better when it's stick-mounted"

And finally, not your "traditional" stick- I'll let this one slide...

And if that's not enough, the Iowa State fair has dozens of Food-On-A-Stick stalls! Mecca...


  1. those pies on a stick look amazing!

  2. I agree, the pies on a stick look yummy!

  3. I love the pie lollipops!


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