Need some cash?

What is stopping you from realizing your dream? Motivation, inspiration or just some cold hard cash? I came across a company called Kickstarter that may just help you turn those ideas into reality.
Kickstarter is focused on creative ideas and ambitious endeavors. We're a great way for artists, filmmakers, musicians, designers, writers, athletes, adventurers, illustrators, explorers, curators, promoters, performers, and others to bring their projects, events, and dreams to life.
 How does funding work?

Every project has a funding goal (any dollar amount) and a time limit (from 1 - 90 days) set by the project creator. When the deadline is reached, there are either of two results:
1. Funding Successful: If a project has met or surpassed its funding goal, all backers' credit cards are instantly charged and funds go directly to the project creator. Project creators are then responsible for completing the project and delivering rewards as promised.
2. Funding Unsuccessful: If a project has NOT met its funding goal, all pledges are canceled. That's it.
Here are some projects I found still needing funding...

Now go out there and make something happen!


  1. Hi Lala!
    My name is Iria and I´m from Spain. I love your work and your colaboration in the Rainmaker project. I made a little post about you in my blog. You can see it here:
    I hope you like it.

  2. Interesting concept!

  3. Interesting concept!

  4. Keep up the good work. It looks like you are helping lots of people.

    ~ Yaya
    Yaya's Home

  5. This is so interesting! It's also what I do all day at my job .. we get government money for companies who are inventing, improving, or being innovative to cover their losses that come along with pioneering new ideas.

  6. I heard about it before but didn't really checked it out.
    No doubt is can give a nice kickstart.
    Thanks for sharing it. I'm going to check it seriously now.


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