Honey do list #56- Playground

What I wouldn't do for the energy that my boys have!! I was discussing the issue of our playground situation with the Mr. It seems that the playgrounds around our area are really catered to little kids. Our boys (8 and 9) have outgrown them. Ahem- they climb on the outside of them instead of the inside of them which causes the helicopter mommies to send me disapproving eye/facial gestures. 
What I really need is to build a playground in our backyard that can handle rough boy use. It has to look fun and colorful, have all sorts of climbable stuff, and most importantly- it has to look like if they played on it they "could" get hurt. All criteria for my two boys. So as I was perusing around I came across the group Go Play! These playground people are a collaboration of architects, builders, teachers and volunteers who are privately supported to build beautiful and educational playgrounds throughout the developing world. Check out what they did in Thailand!

So I went to my local dump(which I love) and found that they had all of this:

Free for the taking! So Mr. has taken on the challenge of creating the ULTIMATE playground. With the boy's help it should be completed by the time they graduate college. 


  1. They look awesome. The coconut tree pic makes me think of Chica Chica Boom Boom!

    My sons are 12 & 10, and yes- they have outgrown the town sets. My 10 yr old on a gymnastics team so his death defying tricks on the bars make the helicopter parents nervous. Not that he'll get hurt mind you. That he will somehow swing out of control 20 feet in the air and swoosh down striking their little ones 10 feet away.

    The 12 yr old makes guns out of anything like sticks or paper, and lobs pretend hand grenades-- but he's doing it to play soldier like his uncle. That wins points with parents too at parks, fearful my son is going to strom back in a black trench coat to commit some heinous crime.

    Good luck getting the Mr. on board!

  2. Wow, that looks really fun!!!

    We always get the stares from helicopter moms, since I let my kids do as they please as long as they arent being horrid little monsters.

    Oh, and I get scolded for letting my daughter climb UP the slide...

  3. Stopping over from Blog Frog. And already I adore you. How could I not? I'm the mom to two boys, who though still young enough to be entranced by the average community playground, I am sure will soon graduate to more daring pursuits. And this is awesome.

  4. that's wonderful! good luck with building it :)

  5. Hello, visiting from blogfrog! I love the ideas behind this play ground. Hope you get it going for yourself! Would be wonderful


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