Oprah, unexpected...

Sometimes you are given little jewels from the universe. 
My came in the form of Robert- the hotel concierge. 
While this post was going to be about the trip I took to the Chicago Fabric and Trim show, it happily turned into something else. 
10:35 am : From our hotel window

Walking back to our hotel room after a long day looking at fabric, Mr. says, "Why don't we see if we can get tickets to Oprah for tomorrow?"

Poor, sweet, innocent Mr. 

He knows not what he speaks. 
He knows not that I have been trying to see Ms. O for like 20 years. He knows not that I've spent hours on the phone when tickets are up only to hear the busy signal
 over and over and over again. 
He knows not that I've spent hours in front of the computer pouring my heart out into that little box of possibilities only to find out that my story is in fact more than the allotted 2000 characters.
He knows not that any given woman would just about sell her first born to be able to hold said tickets in her hand. 
"Ask the concierge." he says.
Three little brilliant words that come out of his mouth.  The three best words he's ever said. 
OK- it's up there with I love you.
So we casually walk up to Robert (aka Mr. Wonderful)
and while I roll my eyes around I say, "So, there's no possible way we could get tickets to see Oprah tomorrow right?"
To which he replies, "Um, yeah, I think so." 

And then the ceiling opened up and the angels began to sing, beams of light poured in, babies stopped crying, people were healed 
and then my husband shook me out of my daze. 
"Hey, hey- he needs our name and number." 
I think I babbled something and handed him my card and he simply said, "I'll call you in a few minutes."

You see, people of the world, there is such a thing as the "hotel stand-by line" in Oprah world and Mr. Wonderful has put us on it. 
So while my initial shock wore off, new thoughts of horror sank in. 
What am I going to wear?
I don't have my Oprah outfit!
 I had to accept my clothes as they were. Luckily, I did bring my red lipstick. 
5 am : Safeway grocery bag as shower cap 

Mr. Wonderful assured us that if we get there by 6:30am, we would have no problem getting in. 
And so, we got there at 6 am and were 2nd in line.
Everything is lovely in Oprah world. The Hillman bagel truck was outside giving away free pastries and coffee for all in line. 
As we waited more and more lovely ladies showed up. There was so much estrogen in the air that even Mr. was starting to get weepy. 

6:10am : Waiting in line
They seated all of the guests that had tickets first and then came to us. They had about 7 seats available for the stand-by crowd and we were 2 of those. 
While we went through security, we saw blown up pictures of past shows lining the hallways. The car giveaway, Oprah giving her two handed high five, a sobbing woman looking overjoyed about something. I could only think back to all of those past shows I loved to watch when I would get home from school. I've gone through pretty much all of Oprah's different hair dos starting in the 80s and yet I can't actually pinpoint any particular show that was my favorite. 
As soon as she strolled out everyone including me had been wound up to such a frenzy that I thought the studio would explode. 
And women started to cry. And then the gay men started to cry. And then the straight men, who didn't quite know how they ended up there, started to cry. 
I realized why there was a box of tissues in every aisle. 
The show was about Tiger Beat teen idols. So not only were there women who adored Oprah but also really FREAKY fans of David Cassidy, Jackie Jackson (Oprah's teen love), Peter Frampton and the Backstreet Boys. 
It was so cool. 
Cool, because I can't think of a better word. 
I was exhausted, emotionally drained, and needed a stiff drink. 

I am thrilled to have been a part of it. 
That show will air on November 4th, 2010.

Moral of the story: It never hurts to ask. 

10:35 pm : From our hotel window

What has been your favorite Oprah show?


  1. Oh my gosh! How exciting! Someday, someday.

  2. Ahhh, what an amazing opportunity! I'm so glad that your dream came true. I LOVE the photo of you in front of the studio sign.

    I haven't watched many Oprah shows, but one that stands out for some reason is one from the early 90s when she had someone on there teaching her dance moves, like the running man. I remember she was like, "Woo! I'm gonna be a hot mama jama at the Christmas party!"

  3. This is the most wonderful post, and I love how you wrote it, keeping me all sucked in.... laughing, excited, crying, with you. Congrats that you got to go!! Thank you for sharing it.

  4. What a treat - lots of great memories to savor!

  5. That's so wonderful! I'm glad you got to see her!

  6. LOL !!! You had me at ..." then ther straight men started to cry" LOL !!! Good for you what a fantastic surprise : )

  7. I'm not an Oprah fan, but I still think that was a great story. So exciting for you! And I love the shower cap :)

  8. I'm so happy you got to see Oprah! And you're right, it definitely never hurts to ask. Great pictures, thanks so much for sharing!!

  9. That is so exciting! Would love to be in an audience for one of her shows.

  10. I never got to watch much of her show due to its airtime compared to my work & kid schedule. Her Dr Oz segments were among my fav's so I love that he has a show. Have told my hubs I want tix for Christmas. So cool that our got to see a taping in her last season while time was running out : )

  11. Your post made me smile. I'm glad your dream to see Oprah finally came true. My parents and I went to see Rachael Ray in 2008, and it was super fun.

  12. SUCH a great story! I went to Chicago too last month and we had a BLAST. Always figured I'd never be able to get tickets to something like that though. It's so cool that you were able to get in just like that!


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