For the love of Steve

If I haven't mentioned it before- whoever invented the DVR is a genius. 
I get about 47 minutes while the kids are watching Myth Busters on Saturday morning.  47 lovely minutes to myself and the computer. 
We have a sort of arrangement, the computer and I. We've had our ups and downs and now we know each other very, very well. 
I have an imac and contrary to popular belief, it is the bane of my existence. Just ask Brian, Mel, and Brad over at the Apple store in Tyson's Corner and Jake and Jenny over at the Fair Oaks one. And the patient David who spent about 5 hours on the phone with me.
They know. We've gone through really rough times together. Somewhat akin to giving birth. In the end I ended up with a new bouncing baby computer.
I named it Steve after it's father.
So apparently after all that, Steve is still a bit touchy. He only likes to go to certain websites. He's very picky and somehow he knows when I'm in a hurry because he will taunt me with that little circle thingy going round and round until I get fed up and snap at him.
Then he gets offended and tells me that the server "lost it's connection".
I've learned though.
I've figured out how to get Steve to go where I need. The conditions have to be right. I have to set up mood lighting. It has to be quiet. (He does not like the kids around) And then while I'm on the websites he likes, I sneak around behind his back and open up another browser.
He has no idea!
It works! I feel like a teenager sneaking the folk's liquor out of the cabinet.
Like stealing their car and going for a joy ride in the middle of the night.
Errr- none of which I have ever done- boys.
Oh Steve. What will ever happen when you find out?
I just hope you will forgive me because I can't quit you.


  1. Im glad im not the only one who uses the tv to get a few minutes peace and quiet and then spends those few minutes getting cross with the computer!!!

  2. I loved this post, Can't we figure out how to get it to Steve Jobs?

  3. I don't know how parents did it before TV. We try not to use it, but every now and then I need a sanity break. Wish kids still ran wild in the neighborhood like they used to.

    Following from Mom Loop.

  4. I'm comforted that I'm not the only one who has not found apple the most easy-breezy-perfect products. have had several for my company and have found them very tempramental and service can be a PAIN!


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