Just for fun...

I buy lottery tickets. Just one at a time. 
Not that I'll win. But I might. 
I think of what I would do if my numbers came up. 
I think about this at 2 in the morning. 
Not the fun type of thinking, the more practical, boring part of the thinking. 
I think about calling a lawyer. I think about the fact that I don't have a lawyer to call. 
I need to find a lawyer to handle my lottery wins. 
I need an accountant. Like a big one. Like Suze Orman. Is she even an accountant? 
And then I would need a name for the trust to put the money in. So at 2:37 am I went online to see what other people have named their trust.
Here's a few clever ones:
Lucky Thirteen Plus One
2010 Blind Trust
The End of the Rainbow Trust
Roswell Funhavers
100 Miracles

Here's a few I thought of for mine:
Dumb Luck Good Karma Trust
Pandora's Box
The Whole Shabang Trust
Now What Trust

What would you name yours?


  1. Holy Cow, you have to name your trust?? THis part I did not know. (I do think of the other things, like you... along with unlisting my number, waiting until everything is in order before announcing my fate to the public,) continuing on at my day job until I have relocated (probably in my same neighborhood :P ) so as not to alert suspicion, (and pleading hands in my face, visitors at my door, etc.-- I intend to share with some, but not all.) This is all fun daydreaming. :)

  2. lucky lemons! that's what I would name mine

  3. haha....this is me....i think the same way:) awesome

  4. ALL MINE! I kid... but maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket for luck, so I can really start thinking about this. I want to be prepared for when I win!

  5. This is pretty funny, I do the same thing. I think would name it "Anonymous Trust" or maybe "I Don't Believe in Luck Trust".

  6. Wow, I didn't know about the trusts! I have also never bought a lottery ticket in my life. I'm not sure what I'd name mine! Shleprock No More?


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