Magical Rainbows

Continuing on the rainbow kick
I love this idea.

Just squirt blobs of acrylic paint at the base of the windshield 
and voila 
a magical rainbow.
How cool would you be if you could make a rainbow 
appear out of thin air!


  1. I lOVE that!!! It makes me want to surprise my husband with it! And then act like I dont know how it happened... LOL.

    Stopping by from Mom Loop Friday Follow- so glad to have discovered your blog:)


  2. My daughter loves, loves, loves rainbows. If I could make a rainbow appear out of thin air for her, she might consider me the best mom ever. Thanks! Stopping over from mom loop..

  3. JDaniel would love for me to do this.

    Stopping from Mom Loop! Merry Christmas!

  4. What a cool idea. I had to tweet it. So simple to make a rainbow for the kids. That's awesome!


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