Manger-in-a- tree

For lack of table top space
we decided to place our nativity scene 
in the Christmas tree.
To a 9 and 10-year-old
this seemed like a great idea.
Surprisingly to a 30 something year old,
this seemed equally as exciting.

Some things to note...
-yes, we put baby Jesus in before the big day
because that's how we roll
-yes, that is the "elf on the shelf" on the roof
 because he didn't want to be left out
and finally,
 if attempting this as well, put the lights 
on BEFORE you set it up.

Because we like our holiday decorating
as difficult as possible.


  1. Ha ha! What a neat idea. It's fun to see something out of the ordinary.

  2. elf on the shelf very nice touch ;)

  3. I like the elf on the shelf too! I also LOVE making my holidays and heck my general whole life as difficult as possible!


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