Just so I don't forget about this...

When Max was 4 and in pre-school, he was making holiday decorations using pinecones. 
He was particularly fidgety ALL morning until finally Mrs. Steinbock, a rather charming British grandma,
said to him, "Max! Do you have ants in your pants??"
To which he replied quite seriously, "No, just this."
And pulled out the biggest pinecone
 he could cram into his britches. 

When asked why he had a pinecone in his pants he said,
"I was hiding it because I didn't think I could take it home."

ahhh, boys...
Max left,  Fellissimo right


  1. Awwww!! What a sweet and funny story. :)

  2. Great story! I can relate. Love the pic too!

  3. Sounds like my boy! Very cute! stopping by from MomLoop!

  4. LOL! Yeah I pinecone in one's pants might make one a little antsy. Haha.
    Stopping by from Mom Loop

  5. STopping from Mom Loop! I think he needs pants with really big pockets. A pinecone would make me itch too.

  6. I could SOOO see my son doing that!

  7. This is so cute! I'm sharing this on my facebook blog page! :)


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