Tighty Whities

A word to the wise.
Do not buy the same color/brand underwear for your boys
 that your husband wears.
Mr. will not think to check the size label
 and will be convinced that you shrunk the laundry.
Strangely, he will wear the mini undies until you ask him
 why he is walking funny. 


  1. I had to laugh at this. I once packed my husband's bag for travel with half the underwear being my then 4 year olds. He packs for himself now. LOL

  2. This is pretty darn funny. Ah.... looking forward to these days!

  3. I honestly laughed out loud at this!

    Conversely, I have a female friend who purposely wears underroos. She's an interesting one, lol.

  4. Oh THIS is fantastic! I too laughed out loud! Love these moments. HA!


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