Crayon art

As a little girl, nothing was as delightful as a
brand new box of crayons.
Remember the smell? 
They were perfect each one.
It always took me forever to start. 
Each one had a distinct personality 
that would spin me off in it's own 
particular world.

I always thought
a perfect job for me would be the 
official name picker-outer. 

As I would sometimes be disappointed by the names
they were given. 
Red. Orange. Flesh. 
Red really wanted to be Veronica.
Pink really wanted to be Betty.
 Flesh was just thrown out.
In the end it didn't matter what they were called. 

All that really mattered was 

what you did with them.


  1. Fantastic crayons... those pictures are amazing. I now can't get "burnt siena" out of my mind. I didn't love the color... but always loved the name :)

  2. O M Gosh, these are magical :)

    HAPPY NEW YEAR (a little late :)

    I always loved to sharpen them again to get the point back after they had been used :)

    BTW, I love the slipper photos :) T.

  3. That was an awesome post!!!! Loved the pictures and your story.

  4. I know! The SMELL...ahhhhh! so fresh and clean and then they got tore apart and we go buy more fresh ones! those are pretty awesome! <3

  5. Beautiful post. Love the pictures and your words are very cool, too. Flesh always got thrown out in my house, too. So what would you rename burnt sienna?

  6. @Rachael - I'd call it Rouge. Or barbeque sauce. But I might just be hungry.


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