Alt Design Summit

I ran away from home to play with pretty things. 
I was so amazed by the talented group of people I got to share a few days with at the Alt Design Summit in Salt Lake. 
Not only was the fashion inspiring but the sheer talent that these gals have was more than I could handle. 
And Mondo was there from Project Runway! 
(We all let him know that he was robbed of his win) 
I was totally not prepared fashion wise for such a barrage of style gurus. 

Shayna Kulik of Pattern Pulp and myself via flickr taken by Angela and Ithyle

I got to mingle with some of my favorite bloggers 
like Swiss MissMighty Girl, Amy Turn Sharp, and Dooce and I found some new blogs
 to spend perusing my day away on. I was in celebrity blogger heaven.
And then I came home to shanty town. 

So while I was away Mr. decided to create a shack club house for the boys and neighborhood kids in the back yard. 

Our yard transformed to redneck glory. 
Is this what it means to live the hi/low lifestyle?


  1. Love the shanty town! ;) I can't imagine what would happen if I were able to run away from home to attend some fabulous event.

  2. I LOVE the shanty town - Mr. must be a fabulous person to build this for/with the kiddos - I always wanted a clubhouse when I was a kid but we didn't have any space of our own. And I do hope we're going to hear more about Alt Design Summit - that sounds fab!

  3. Ha! Shanty Town Rocks! I bet they love it in all it's redneck glory!


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