Seafaring Nomads

What to do about the problem? 
If you have a moment, please watch the video.
The photography by James Morgan is exquisit and the problem is grand.

People of the Coral Triangle from James Morgan Photography on Vimeo.
 The NY Times article summarize the problem.
"His painterly images portray traditional lives. But they also expose the pressures faced by the Bajau to adopt economical but environmentally destructive fishing techniques, like using potassium cyanide. Fear of hardship has put the Bajau at risk of destroying the very reefs that sustain them."

I can only relate with my experience with Rainmaker
It's amazingly difficult to change the way a culture lives.
We learned pretty quickly that our own ideals could not be imposed 
on others unless they saw a benefit for them. 
Our major obstacles were hunters and loggers. 
To this day, we still have both. 

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