Dear Boys...

Dear Boys, 
When you are all grown up, I hope that you will be able to show your children all the amazing places and creatures that we have shown you. I hope that you remember Morpho butterflies landing on your head and that little poison dart frogs would come out of their hiding places if you stood very, very still. 
Remember that you would drink the water directly from the waterfalls and that it was so cold you would have to quickly jump in to take a dip. Remember that Carlos would take you up the mountain by piggy back and teach you about the lizards and centipedes that you would try to catch. Remember that when you played in the dirt the earth was so black that I would have to wash your clothes twice. You live in a magical place and have been very fortunate to have experienced so much in your little lives. I hope and pray that you will be able to do the same for your children. Until then, I will show you and teach you all I can about this little place we call home. Happy Earth Day.

All the pictures except the beach one were taken in our little rain forest called Rainmaker in Costa Rica.


  1. Beautiful inspiring post Alessandra.
    We have such a wonderful planet don't we? We definitely need to treat her better.

  2. Love this post. I, too, have tried to show my boys the beauty of the earth.


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