Huffing coffee

I am not sure how exactly it got to this.
In my perfect Saturday, I would awaken to a hot cup of coffee next to my bed.
Mr. does a very good job of making it and I have since come to expect that it is his marital duty.
 I clean the toilets, he makes the coffee.
There should be no confusion.
The fact that on somedays it appears next to my bedside is, well, magical.
In all actuality it implies - "it's time to wake up".
So today, as any other day, I wander around the kitchen to discover that the beautiful aroma that graces the air at 7:10 am is not around.
Not even a promise of a whiff.
In fact the whole coffee making unit is cold.
In it's place are the sad remains of yesterday's brew.
Reason- no coffee mate. I need the coffee mate.
I picked up a nasty little habit when I lived in Costa Rica.
They don't have half and half in Costa Rica. A country that grows the most beautiful coffee does not make half and half!
So my needs of sweet and creamy coffee there were met with a little infusion of coffee mate.
 The powdered kind.
I even travel with it.
In case I wake up somewhere.
And need coffee.
With coffee mate.
 It has gone with me literally to the other side of the world.
Try explaining coffee mate to an airport security officer that only speaks Thai after a non-stop 17 hour flight with a very grouchy Mr. who keeps reminding me that coffee mate IS NOT SOMETHING THAT YOU PUT IN A CLEAR BAG AND LEAVE IN MY PURSE ON AN
 Anywaaaay, how could this happen? I buy it in bulk! We're talking Costco sized bulk.
I am that crazy lady that you see lugging around the cart full of toilet paper and coffee mate tubs.
and apparently I am out. Have I gone through it all? I mean we're talking tubs- not the little bottles - TUBS!
So today, I have come to the realization that I might just be a little addicted to the white stuff.
How do you detox from it?
Just stop - cold turkey? I need a replacement.
And don't mention tea - it's just not the same.
Even when there's milk around.


  1. Coffee making is my hubby's job as did that happen? I have to have mine with soy creamer..and yes it's an addiction. (The bit about the baggie in the airport is priceless!LOL)

  2. Your post made me grin ear to ear!
    The price of worth it

  3. LOl !!! This could have been written by my husband who has been known to bring liquid Coffee Mate to his own mothers house during a holiday. I think they put crack in it. Whilst I can have cream and sugar The Mr cannot handle coffee without it ! Makes him cranky !

  4. Ironically I just remembered an Andrew Zimmern show ( Bizzarre Foods ) where he was in I believe Costa Rica harvesting coffee on a plantation and he couldn't believe they used a Mr.Coffee and Coffee Mate !

  5. I love that your hubby makes you coffee and actually puts it by your bedside! That is WAY sweet! Sorry for the coffeeless morning though.... That is a total bummer!!

  6. Sorry Lala,I must have passed down that wonderful little coffeemate addiction to you. If stranded on a desert island I need that and dental floss. Sounds like you'll need a new Compressa for Christmas.


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